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Demie Story

In the treasured memories of my childhood. Baking with my grandmother, and my mother, and then by myself.

This is where
Demie was born.

Swiping luscious cake batters from beaters, dunking pillows of sponge into decadently shimmering chocolate sauce, being mesmerised by egg whites whipping up into alluring melt-in-your-mouth clouds and inviting wafts of sweet scent on the breeze issuing from the oven as you wait impatiently . . .


I always felt passionate about baking, and confections. But it wasn’t until I made my first marshmallow that I felt truly inspired and impassioned to bring my marshmallows to a wider audience. 



Three years of testing countless recipes left me of the opinion that I would not be able to make and package the ideal marshmallow: I would have to compromise on the texture to make it more stable for packaging . . .


I was disheartened.


Until it occurred to me that I could utilise an edible exterior to package my marshmallows.


And thus the teacake was born. 

Thin chocolate shells that snap gloriously when bitten into, cloud-like mallow, zingy jellies or decadent caramels, and buttery-soft biscuits all combine to offer an evolving myriad of flavours.

I finally felt comfortable that I had smithed a confectionary that did not have to compromise on texture or flavour for the sake of postal stability.  


From the teacake, came further explorations in to confectionary and chocolatiering, and there was born the idea of the Demie Box: a cornucopia of delights for the senses, and every time something new to try and experience. 


for me, abound with possibility.


Demie is crafted by the hands of one person, in a kitchen in the foothills of the Otways.


From every swipe of colour, to bow tied on a box fluff to cut to roll. Packaged with care and consideration for you to experience and enjoy, and perhaps, hopefully, to evoke memories of glittering and gleaming confections of your childhood.   


I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I enjoy creating them for you.

Briar x

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