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Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations and refunds can only be granted prior to your order being dispatched. Once your order has been dispatched, I cannot grant a refund for cancellation. 


Perishable items cannot be returned for a refund due to change of mind after they have been delivered.


Please bear in mind that chocolate absolutely cannot be exposed to heat.


  • While I will do everything to ensure your order is packed safely and insulated, I cannot guarantee that you order will not experience any temperature fluctuations once it has been posted.

  • If the weather looks to be particularly warm (or you live somewhere else in Australia where the sun shines more frequently) please make sure you will be home to accept delivery so that your order is not left sitting outside in the warmth.


I cannot take any responsibility for any damage (heat or otherwise) that is sustained once your order has left my hands.


To cancel your order contact me at 

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